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Conversations With People I Haven’t Met #3: Cyndi Lauper

Posted on: April 10, 2010

#3 Cyndi Lauper
At a Primark till point on a Saturday afternoon

Her: Excuse me – excuse me! I was next!
Me: Oh, were you? I…hang on…
Her: It’s ridiculous.
Me: I’m sorry. I can take you now. Sorry about that.
Her: Standing in the line all that time…
Me: It’s so busy today…
Her: …he left to go look over there, so I was next…
Me: …lose track of things. Do you want the hangers?
Her: No thanks.
Me: Okay.
Her: God, it’s so hot in here.
Me: Yeah, it’s…it’s warm.
Her: How can you stand it? Jeez.
Me: It’s…a warm day.
Her: Would drive me crazy.
Me: There’s no exchange or return on the briefs, okay?
Her: What?
Me: The underwear. If there’s something wrong, wrong size or whatever, you can’t bring them back. Hygiene, you know? We have to tell everyone.
Her: What about the brassieres?
Me: Well, it’s part of a set, so…you know.
Her: What?
Me: No.
Her: Okay. Fine.
Me: That’s £23.00, please.
Her: Is that a lot? In dollars?
Me: Sorry, I don’t know.
Her: Okay.
Me: Thanks. Do you want your receipt?
Her: Well, I can’t return anything, can I?
Me: Just the…briefs. Okay. Goodbye.


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