Hey, Barbecutie

Conversations With People I Haven’t Met #4: Ian McEwan

Posted on: May 1, 2010

#4 Ian McEwan
Behind the wall of his garden on a warm spring day

Me: Oi! Oi! McEwan! Can we have our ball back please?
Him: No, no, I’m sorry.
Me: Come on!
Him: This is the last straw, and I warned you before, I don’t know how many times.
Me: We’re sorry, we didn’t mean to!
Him: You’ve completely flattened my begonias!
Me: Oh, McEw-an!
Him: And that crawler has never recovered from last time.
Me: We said we were sorry, just give us the ball back!
Him: No, no, absolutely not. My mind’s quite made up. Now why don’t you all clear off? Should be off playing in the park anyway, not in the street.
Me: We can’t play without a ball!
Him: Well, you should have thought of that, shouldn’t you? Now, get out of here!
Me: Grumpy old git.
Him: I heard that!

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