Hey, Barbecutie


Posted on: October 31, 2010

Hallowe’en is my favourite time of year. Granted, this year has been something of a washout, given that I have work in the morning and a distinct lack of invites out/horror movie supplies to entertain myself tonight, but I shall endure. I have been eating novelty pumpkin shaped mini chocolate balls for the past two weeks. Tragically, my magnificent unicorn costume went unworn last night, as I instead ventured out as “Person who hasn’t worn this dress in a while”, but fear not, next year I shall take my rightful place as the majestic horned beast swigging from a bottle of Marks and Spencer’s premixed mojito cocktail at the centre of someone’s slightly scummy party.

Anyway, to celebrate, enjoy this photograph of a ghostie sitting on someone’s head, and check out the rest of the spirit photography here.

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