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Most of my Easter break has been spent watching old Norm MacDonald clips, on account of him being The Best. While this clip from the Bob Saget roast is pretty old now, it is also the exact moment that comedy, as an artform, peaked.


this man is for the birds
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I had a voicemail from one of our IT team to fix my computer, and I was not looking forward to calling him back (basically know that he has a goatee). And also I hate phonecalls and answerphones because I’m one of those people. But I did and he was away, so I went begrudgingly left a voicemail. I explained I was returning his call and finished with what was meant to be “give me a call back” or “get back to me when you have a chance” but ended up saying “so, if you could just give me a chance…?”

He’s been very helpful ever since.