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The Futureheads did a Christmas song. It is predictably excellent.

I love the Futureheads. Aside from being a really, genuinely great band, and probably the best live act I’ve ever seen, I admire how they cut ties with their big record company and gave up the payday to make the music they wanted to make (to whit: really really good). Make art, not money and that. And also, I love them.

In fact, I saw them tonight in the Forum in London (honestly, I have no idea where I was, but it was London.) and they remain spectacular. Their harmonies make my face explode with pleasure. I kept noticing myself just grinning like a lunatic. I was giddy. And in support, The Young Knives, who I’ve been trying to see since about 2005 (six years? Jesus!), and who were also outstanding, and oh fuck it, let’s have a video for them too.

Turn Tail, completely magnificent. According to Henry, it’s been on tv ads, but lacking regular access to a television for the past three years or so, I’ve missed that pleasure.

And we might as well have another Futureheads one, since News and Tributes is in my top two albums of all time. I like Beginning of the Twist because of the terrifyingly aggressive delivery of the really quite romantic lyric “let’s get it started with a kiss”. But here’s Skip To The End instead, because it’s aces:

I was meant to actually say something here, but I think I’ve gone off the point slightly. New post it is then…

I don’t know where September went. I’m missing that month entirely. I know things have, if I may get personal here, slightly gone to shit, cookie-wise, and I can only assume that at some point between a trip home at the end of August, and my return to London in so-called, swiftly-passing “September”, something truly awful happened and all the things that once were good are now bad.

And now it’s Christmas! Perfect time for my favourite and unfairly forgotten Christmas song, “Things Fall Apart” by Cristina. It’s called “Things Fall Apart”, for a start, and also contains the line he licked me like a candy cane. It’s just super.

Yeah, I flipped that heading round on you. See how you like it.

In fact, I have been busy, with a fine mix of writerly pursuits, drinking with friends and crying myself to sleep (must stop listening to Eleanor Rigby). All in all, it’s been a pretty busy time for the Bronasaurus, thank you very much, though of course I have missed you lovely people who slavishly subscribe to my occasional musings here and who I have also just made up. Hello.

“They Is Us”, the all-conquering Nest Gallery’s feminist/sci-fi art exhibition, hosted at the Sassoon Gallery by the Sisters Burn, was a wonder to behold. I am very proud, mostly to have been involved with such extremely talented artists, to see my story exhibited in such a wonderful space, that people have been so supportive of all our efforts, and that the presentation of my piece didn’t collapse over the course of the exhibition. Here’s hoping everyone who snagged a copy of my story, “Those Girls Called Jackie” enjoyed/tolerated/read it, and if anyone else would like a copy to read with their eyes and their faces can e-mail me. More images from the exhibition and private view reside at the Nest Gallery blog, as well as information about future Nest events.

The Storytails event, hosted as ever by the delightful Gabriella, went splendidly. A really interesting selection of writers, both performing and in the audience. Was extremely nice chatting to all in attendance, and absolutely made the two hour, TFL-thwarting journey to Stoke Newington worth it. Why do I live so far away? I don’t know. I just do. It’s a very nice area, and Storytails remains one of the few lit events in London not populated by absolute wankboxes (more on this later). I had a great time, reading two stories (making me two times as good as the last time I read, statistically at least, unless it actually means I was only half as good, but that’s getting into a hazy mathematical area and I promised myself I wouldn’t go back to that place) which are available for listenage or downloadiness in podcast form at the links below. Please enjoy my Northern Irish accent therein. It is a constant source of amusement to people, and I have been recently informed that I say the word “naughty” particularly well. Naughty. Naughty. (I don’t see it.)

Tick Yes Or No
Arthur Nobody
And I highly recommend any writers looking for a fun evening with a rapt atmosphere submit some stories to Storytails, it’s a really fun event.

In other news, I’ve been listening to this. IT’S SO TRUE.

Camera Obscura – “Honey in the Sun”

The lovely and amazing Storytails invited me to perform at the Stoke Newington Literary Festival in June, and it was rather fantastic. What’s more, they recorded the word sound noises and put them into a podular cast for you diamond dogs to enjoy, if your idea of enjoyment is a helium-voiced Norn Irlander stumbling over her words and audibly shaking in fear, and I think it is. Many many thanks to Gabriella! Check out further Storytails at http://www.storytails.org/ or monthly at the Birdcage in Stoke Newington.

Here, I read People Are Awful, right into your earholes.