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I am quite sleepy, but between illsnesses and 7 hours of travel and being back to work and generally ennui (that ol’ thing), I suddenly had a revelation about my 2010 retrospective. Not to diminish “Four Lions”, as it is extremely wonderful, but the film that has been bouncing around my headspace since I saw it (apart from when I was compiling my dorky list) was Greek director Giorgos Lanthimos’s Dogtooth.

Three children have been raised behind the walls of their family home, away from the influence of the outside world. Their father insists they remain there until they lose their dog tooth, a sign that they have reached maturity. He warns them that if they attempt to leave before then, they face the mercy of bloodthirsty cats that killed their brother. He and their mother educate them, teaching them that the tiny yellow flowers that blossom in their gardens are called “zombies”, and that the planes that circle overhead are the size of a child’s toy. When their father introduces a workmate to deal with the sexual urges of their son, she smuggles in VHS tapes of popular films, poisoning their minds with their first experiences of western culture – including Flashdance:

It is strange, shocking, dark, humorous and magnificent, a sordid world fully realised in all its stifling weird misery. I cursed myself when I watched it. It was such a brilliant idea – why didn’t I think of it first? But I doubt I could craft something so twisted, authentic and complete. So instead I make blog posts about it. Super.

Despite a title that sounds like a suicide note, I have decided to celebrate the end of this annus horribilis with my traditional listus awesomeous. You’re so incredibly welcome.

Song of the Year – “Bad Boyfriend” – Talulah Does The Hula

Song from another year that I only heard this year – so many, but “What” by Judy Street is untouchable.

Film of the Year – I finally saw “A Serious Man” in early 2010 (oh God it’s so good) but if that can’t count, “Four Lions”, though I’m not sure I can bear to watch it again.

Book of the Year – “Birds of America” – Lorrie Moore

Career Choice of the Year – Finally getting a full-time job after eight months. Take that, economic climate!

Emotion of the Year – Ennui. The thing with a negative outlook is you’re never disappointed. Hooray!

Successful Costume of the Year – Countless era-specific nights out with costumes crafted from clothes I own anyway. 1920s, 1960s, 1980s – I got it covered. (“it” being my body, conveniently.)

Unsuccessful Costume of the Year – My unicorn costume. Why couldn’t you let me be great, world?

Achievement of the Year – Various stories published, public readings, zine fairs, events run and art exhibitions. Keep on truckin’.

Anti-Achievement of the Year – Every other facet of my life.

Dog of the Year - The tiny bouncy spaniel in Hyde Park who disturbed a flock of about 200 roosting geese, causing them to remove themselves at great speed into the lake, and honk for some time with annoyance. It was amazing.

Dream of the Year – The one about the Church of St Nazi’s and its sister chapel, St Failure’s.

Revelation of the Year part 1 – When the worst thing happens, eventually everything becomes okay again.

Revelation of the Year part 2 – THIS.

Happy 2011 everyone. May 2010 never come back to ruin us.