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I am very super extremely happy to announce that wordPLAY is returning for another charity event, this time in aid of Cancer Research UK, on 15th March 2011 (so close to St Patrick’s day you can practically smell the alcohol on my breath.). We’re in the process of confirming the line-up, but it’s looking pretty special.

Once again, I will be hosting, and will try to be a little less flustered, a little more prepared, and not at all inclined to refer to everything, absolutely everything, as “lovely”*, when I blank on every other adjective under the unrelenting, staring eyes of our beloved audience. After the November event, someone came up to me and told me how funny I had been, adding, of course, anything you say would be funny in your accent. THANKS. So I’m aiming for a slight improvement on that.

BUT YES THIS IS VERY GOOD NEWS! I haven’t heard good news like this since yer one strolled down the other side of Mount Sinai (Bible reference).

P.s. I love parentheses.

* except for when I referred to myself as being “shite”. Just to switch things up a bit.