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#2 James Cameron
At bus stop E at Marble Arch, 2 a.m. in the rain

JC: I’m the king of the world!
BF: I’m sorry?
JC: The King of the World. That’s me. King of the World.
BF: Oh, right.
JC: Are you not saying anything because you think I’m crazy?
BF: Oh, oh no, not at all. I’m just tired. From my night out.
JC: Not me. I’m high energy. I’ve just been to the Baftas!
BF: Wow.
JC: I know! I’m the king of them too.
BF: All right.
JC: Yeah “all right”. It’s really good for me. Good work, JC – oh, hey, did you notice that? I’m JC – Jay-See – James Cameron, JC!
BF: Okay.
JC: JC, Jesus Christ, JC, James Cameron, you get it? Huh?
BF: Uh-huh.
JC: You don’t think that’s a coincidence, do you?
BF: I really couldn’t say.
JC: I know you couldn’t. I knew that already.
BF: I think this is my bus coming.
JC: Okay. All right. Do you know how to get to South Kensington from here? Okay. Bye-bye.