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Some fun Michael Stipe facts:

Michael Stipe is in REM!
REM is a band!
The elastic band was invented in 1867 by Dr Elastise Bandatori for the purposes of interrogating criminals in a humane manner!
Here are some words that rhyme with band: Dand, Nand, Frand!
I hear Michael Stipe is a bit of a prick in real life!

When enjoying the view from Embankment bridge on a crisp Autumn eve.

HIM: Hi. Ahem, cough, excuse me.
ME: Did you just say “cough”?
HIM: Oh…yes. I think so. Sorry. I was trying to get your attention.
ME: Okay.
HIM: So how are things with you.
ME: Oh. Fine. You know.
HIM: That’s good. That’s good… You don’t remember me, do you?
ME: Have we met?
HIM: I think so. Murial’s party, right? I’m Michael. Michael Stipe.
ME: I don’t know anyone called Mural.
HIM: Murial.
ME: Yeah, well. Still.
HIM: Okay. Are you sure? It’s just…you look a lot like him/
ME: I’m a woman.
HIM: I don’t like to make assumptions.
ME: I think you have me confused with someone else.
HIM: Okay. Sorry. Oh, hey, where’d you get that ice cream?
ME: There’s a stall just along there.
HIM: Is it vegan?
ME: I don’t think so.
HIM: Oh. Okay.