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Today’s word of the day:


You will note that the word of the day is a stupid word.

Full disclosure: I work in (near) publishing. This is where I encountered this word. I find it unputupable.

Okay, it’s not my birthday, but my point stands: there is one desire that lies dearest in my shrivelled little black heart. I would like to call a moratorium on the word “unputdownable”.

Working as a file jockey in the publishing industry, I see this word a lot. It makes me want to punch myself in my damn head. Some investigation, undertaken while choking back bile at the mere echo of syllables in my head, reveals that the generally cited first occurence of unputdownable* was in a letter by none other than Raymond Chandler. Nice work, Chandler. No amount of femmes with shooters can compensate for the blight which you have brought onto the land.

Do you think I could take Raymond Chandler in a fight? I always assumed he was tough as fuck but the proliferation of the word “lonely” on his wikipedia page makes me think I might have a fair chance of beating him. All of this is irrelevant, of course, as cosmic justice has been served and he died before I could get at him for his linguistic hijinks.

This man is dead.

*an amalgamation of perfectly cromulent words when a whole sentence would have done