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Michael Gove is Pob.


Here is the NEST account of the zine fair. It was a very lovely day. The pictures prove it. Photographic evidence prove most things.

green dress
For example, I can photobomb like wow and I have a gigantic mouth.

More importantly, let us celebrate the fair’s success with some music of the future, courtesy of Anthony Carmichael on science programme Look Around You.

Senators on Scooters
US senators Edmund Muskie and Warren G Magnuson on electric-powered scooters.

New comptutor [sic]. New life. Oh, how technology taunts me. Regardless. My brand spanking new access allows me to remind all that the Alternative Press Fair 2010 occurs tomorrow from 12pm at St Aloysius Social Club (best saint since Saint Joseph of Cupertino, who could (drumroll) fly). It shall be fun and larks with me and the girls from Nest.
(Preview of my zine courtesy of the delectable Reena here)

I’m off to watch Moon now, so suck it. Have some Kids In The Hall:

Yes, I feel it too.

This is actor and all-round cool guy Warren Oates. Let’s stare at him for a bit.