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image by Reena Makwana

This weekend sees the International Alternative Press Festival 2011 at Conway Hall, 25 Red Lion Square, WC1R 4RL, London Town, and Nest Gallery will be selling a number of zines and artworks tomorrow, Sunday 29th May, 10am-4pm.

I am very excited to be taking part with a sequel to my last zine (Wonderful Creatures And How To Kill Them) entitled More Amazing Creatures And Further Ways To Kill Them. The eagle-eyed amongst you will note that I forgot the name of my own zine when making the follow-up. Find out new ways to ensure the permanant annihilation of such critters as the Daddy Long Legs, the Hippopotamus and the Urban Fox. Get them before they get you.


The Nest table will also feature the beauteous work of some incredibly talented artists such as Anna Lincoln, Emily and Anne, Siobhan O’Brien, Rebecca Strickson, Bella Szyszkowska, Alice Marwick, Emily Howells and Reena Makwana.

Nest is an all-female collective of exciting artists (and the odd munchkin such as myself) and always has something unique and beautiful to share, so be a mensch and get yourselves down to see Nest and all the other exciting artists.

Two bits of excellent news:
Firstly, the wonderful team at Storm In A Teacup have released issue 2 of their titular zine, once again featuring alternative female artists and writers dealing with female-positive topics and creating delightful things. I am extremely pleased to say that I have a story featured amongst the illustrious company, and even moreso that Bex Massey has created an illustration to accompany my piece. One of the most wonderful things is to have done something that inspires another person to make art, so I’m very excited and humbled. The zine also has a cocktail recipe, so you know you want to get some of that. It’s available from all good zine fairs and by e-mailing storminateacupzine@gmail.com. Big thanks to Elizabeth Martin.

Secondly, wordPLAY is making its triumphant return to the Good Ship in Kilburn on 15th March in aid of Cancer Research UK. We have pulled together a splendiferous array of writers and performers to say words at you until your head explodes with joy and also hydrogen. It’s a line-up so deliriously awesometacular that we aren’t even having music this time around. And it’s hosted by me, and you know how you love to hear me say things in that silly accent of mine, as well as the much more capable and coherent Nancy Clarik with moral support and gentle guidence of the beauteous Becca. So do come and support our charity, and you will be rewarded with an evening of unequable literary lyricism from a group of massively talented peoples:

Booker-longlisted, pioneer of the New Puritans, and thoroughly excellent fellow MATT THORNE

Wickedly wonderful poetry from Carol Ohemaa

and our spectactular guest stars
Liz Adams

Sam Buchan-Watts

Sophie Buchan

Jack Kelly

Leslie Tetteh

then don’t forget to poke me in the face and tell me you love me for letting you know all about the art that’s running wild in the world.

Here is the NEST account of the zine fair. It was a very lovely day. The pictures prove it. Photographic evidence prove most things.

green dress
For example, I can photobomb like wow and I have a gigantic mouth.

More importantly, let us celebrate the fair’s success with some music of the future, courtesy of Anthony Carmichael on science programme Look Around You.

Zine fair was a lovely success and much fun. People are very talented and it’s lovely to see. Also, I had a Kinder egg. Nice. A more thorough discussion shall occur at a more reasonable time and date, so until then, please enjoy this trailer for the new Spider-Man film, directed by the big man himself, Wes Anderson:

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Senators on Scooters
US senators Edmund Muskie and Warren G Magnuson on electric-powered scooters.

New comptutor [sic]. New life. Oh, how technology taunts me. Regardless. My brand spanking new access allows me to remind all that the Alternative Press Fair 2010 occurs tomorrow from 12pm at St Aloysius Social Club (best saint since Saint Joseph of Cupertino, who could (drumroll) fly). It shall be fun and larks with me and the girls from Nest.
(Preview of my zine courtesy of the delectable Reena here)

I’m off to watch Moon now, so suck it. Have some Kids In The Hall:


I shall be providing my first ever zines at this year’s Alternative Press Fair, 13th February at St Aloysius Social Club in London town. Below are some clues as to my subjects:

Of course, the real victory would have been if they had starred in the A-Team together.