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On last week’s edition of excellent nonsense 5 Live show/podcast 7 Day Sunday, beautifully coifed manchild and reverse progeria sufferer Chris Addison made reference to the uncanny resemblence between Tory Education Minister and all round Tory prick Michael Gove and beloved children’s character Pob. This is a similarity previously pointed out by my good self here. I can only assume this is infallible proof that beloved children’s character Chris Addison is a regular reader of this blog. So I would like to extend my warmest greetings to him. Hello, Chris. Big fan. You have good hair but you need to eat a sandwich.

And of course, if any other readers, relatively-famous satirists or otherwise, would like me to say hello to them in a future entry, after describing them in excessive and slightly offensive adjectives, do let me know. I am nothing but a tool of the masses.

When asked to write this retrospective, I contemplated how my life has changed since I first made that post some thirty-odd days ago. It feels strange, looking back. Am I the same person who typed those words? Is the world the same world that first read them? Of course not. We all transform and change, we do not stay stationary, we can not and we must not. Of course there will come a time – it may even be now – when my Gove/Pob comparison is outdated, or irrelevant, when future generations will not know or even care who either figure is. This is inevitable, and inescapable, and neither should I wish to escape it. That this is a fact is also proof that the world does turn, that people do grow and mature and change, that nothing ever stays the same. I take comfort in this. And so my post will remain a snapshot of that moment one month ago, a time passed, when someone who once was me noticed something that once was true in a time when it once might have meant something, as the world turned on its axis for the million million millionth time.

Michael Gove is Pob.