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What I done on my summer holidays

Starting from tomorrow, Peckham will be hit by a meteor of all-female artistry in the shape of the latest Nest Gallery project THEY IS US, an art exhibition based around female responses to science fiction. We have been installing since Saturday, and the space (as I understand the artistic term to be) is looking amazing. We are presenting a huge variety of pieces, including figurative paintings, embroideries, sculptures and video pieces from some extremely talented artists, and a wee story by yours truly. It should all be pretty special.

The Private View is tomorrow 6-9pm, sponsored by Kopparberg (= free booze) and the show runs until 3rd October. So be there or be part of the stifling patriarchal heirarchy…OF THE FUTURE.

The Sassoon Gallery
213 Blenheim Grove
(behind Bar Story, so close to Peckham Rye station you’ll be embarrassed by it)

Thanks to the Sisters Burn and the Nest Gallery – it’s been a lot of really terrifying fun.